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Fireside Chats: Cinemablend’s Eric Eisenberg

I am joined today by a degenerate Mets’ fan, my former co-writer at Geek on Film, and lover of all things film, Cinemablend‘s Eric Eisenberg to discuss everything from the Summer movie schedule to Ghostbusters 3, and argue over Inglorious Basterds‘ Oscar snub.

Amani (Truth From The Basement): We might as well start with the news story of the day; Megan Fox being dropped from Transformers 3. Should we have any hope that this means the sequel will try to redeem itself?

Eric Eisenberg (Cinemablend): Considering Michael Bay’s notorious ego, I’m still not 100% certain he sees anything wrong with Transformers 2 in the first place. Add that to the fact that news is now coming out that Fox left on her own accord, and it kind of looks like they really couldn’t care less about the quality of the movie.

TFTB: I’m sure he’s using the Brett Ratner logic; it made more money than the first so it’s a huge cinematic achievement.

Eric: Transformers 3 will make money, and a lot of it. People didn’t seem to care that the second one was cinematic garbage and it probably won’t stop them from revisiting it. And it’s not as though Megan Fox’s presence was what was driving up the box office. If there is a loser in this whole deal, it’s Fox, which makes her decision to leave all the more questionable.

TFTB: Well I don’t know about that, I know quite a few people that ONLY saw it for Megan Fox’s presence. Not her acting ability to be sure, but we’ll say screen presence. And I definitely don’t believe the spin that she chose to left.

Eric: But what about Jennifer’s Body? That film was sold exclusively by Megan Fox’s chest and it was a bomb. She should be praying that Jonah Hex takes off. Girls that look like her are arriving in Hollywood everyday, hence why it took a grand total of 20 minutes for Gemma Arterton’s name to be thrown in to the mix.

TFTB: Well Jennifer’s Body proved there are limits people aren’t willing to cross even to see Megan Fox, and a Diablo Cody script is one of them. It looks like machine gun horses may be another. As for Arterton, I thought it was just because she’s contractually obligated to be in every terrible summer action movie.

Eric: On that note, I wouldn’t hold out much hope for Prince of Persia.

TFTB: I have a feeling we’ll get to a summer movie review in a little, but since we’re on the topic of horrible movies; which are you more excited for the Magic 8-ball movie or Rubber?

Eric: How can you go wrong with a killer tire? It’s too easy to make a generic movie about a magic 8-ball, a killer tire actually requires some creativity.

TFTB: Especially one named Robert. I’ve been saying for years the Michelin man would be the doom of us all. He’s far too close to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and we all know what happened to him.

Eric: Frankly, I don’t understand why we’ve never seen a copyright lawsuit between them, or at least a Ghostbusters parody commercial from Michelin.

TFTB: It’s coming, what do you think the plot of Ghostbusters 3 is going to be about?

Eric: I don’t believe in Ghostbusters 3. Much in the same way I don’t believe in ghosts.

TFTB: Speaking of Ghostbusters, you interviewed Bill Murray at the Tribeca Film Festival for Cinemablend; your thoughts on how close -if at all- that project is to reality?

Eric: There is no movie. Well, I should actually rephrase that, because there can be a movie. Murray is just doing the right thing and waiting for a quality script. I actually got the sense that he would be up for it. He loves the first one; the second one not so much, but unlike his co-stars he doesn’t have everything riding on continuing the franchise. I don’t mean that as an insult to Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd or Ernie Hudson but a fact is a fact. Hence why Murray and Sigourney Weaver have always been the two actors on the fence.

TFTB: And I’m glad you mentioned Hudson. He always seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to Ghostbusters.

Eric: You can’t forget Ernie. The man is in uniform in his Wikipedia picture, you have to give him the credit. That said, I think Airheads is the only other movie I’ve ever seen him in.

TFTB: He’s done a lot of television, but no movies come to mind. He’s a chronic “oh yeah that guy”.

Eric: Aykroyd has always had Blues Brothers and his time on SNL to fall back on, and Ramis has his directing career. Hudson…not so much.

TFTB: Maybe he’s just waiting for a good script too. Kind of like Shia Labeouf if he actually stuck to his principles and just didn’t participate in bad movies, instead of bad mouthing them after the fact.

Eric: I’m not sure how I feel about the retroactive slamming.

TFTB: I respect the honesty, but you’re a part of the creative process. Where was this on set?

Eric: Exactly. Maybe Shia is the guy that should pull Lucas over to the side and explain to him that he should stop fucking everything up.

TFTB: To quote Obi-Wan Kenobi “who’s the more foolish: The fool, or the fool who follows him?” Of course by now that George Lucas is gone forever, but that’s a whole rant for another day.

Eric: Ben knows. Lucas is never coming back, but we’ll shelve that one, and Shia should watch himself with the Transformers talk. I wonder if he has talked and apologized to Michael Bay yet in the wake of the Megan Fox thing.

TFTB: I wouldn’t doubt that he washed Bay’s car this morning.

Eric: But the question is whether or not Bay made him wear a bikini.

TFTB: Mental images I don’t need for $400, Alex. The thing that is so disappointing, is that I think Shia actually has talent as an actor. Picking scripts that let him demonstrate any is not one of them. If there is one thing he should know how to do by now it’s say no, no, no.

Eric: It’s not his forte. But who knows, maybe Wall Street 2 will be that movie. I still feel a bit weird about how much I like that trailer.

TFTB: For me, that’s one of those things I should really like. Technically it’s brilliant, but sequel-itis is scaring me off.

Eric: That and the fact that Oliver Stone hasn’t made a good movie in years. It doesn’t hurt that the time is right with all the economic bullshit happening these days; it’s like Machete and Arizona – the timing just worked out.

TFTB: Now, that is a movie I can’t wait for.

Eric: Logistically it shouldn’t work. You can’t put Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan and Steven Seagal in the same movie, but it looks like Rodriguez made it work. The “illegal trailer” was brilliant.

TFTB: Perfect timing. It’s funny, it was a fake grindhouse trailer that may end up being better than the movie that spawned it. Or at least Death Proof.

Eric: I don’t want to get into a huge argument here, but while Death Proof is far from Tarantino’s best, it is not a bad movie; just has pacing issues.

TFTB: I didn’t hate it, but it was definitely flawed. Also I just really think Machete is going to be well-made pulp fun. Besides if anyone deserves a pass, it’s Quentin Tarantino; even if his work continues to be disrespected by the academy.

Eric: I’m still moping about Inglorious Basterds losing the cinematography award.

TFTB: I didn’t want to get into this too much, but considering the Oscars was the first post on this site, can we spend a minute on how Inglorious Basterds was robbed?

Eric: I really don’t understand how a movie that is 95% blue screen (Avatar) wins awards for cinematography. That’s why you have the visual effects award. Cameron could have put anything he wanted in front of the camera. And as much as I enjoyed The Hurt Locker, Basterds was the better film.

TFTB: See, I have less of a problem with that than you do, if only because the only way that movie succeeds on any level is visually.

Eric: But it’s fake visuals, it’s a handicap.

TFTB: But yes, the further we get from award season, it’s clear Basterds was the best movie last year and maybe for the last couple. I’m still stunned it lost out on original screenplay.

Eric: To reiterate, I gave The Hurt Locker a four star review, but Tarantino’s script was brilliant. Mark Boal’s was great, Tarantino’s was brilliant.

TFTB: As did I, The Hurt Locker was criminally ignored in theaters and was a great experience. But the strength of that movie was the editing more than the screenplay.

Eric: It never got the release it deserved, and releasing it during the summer was an odd choice. And it won it’s editing prize; two actually.

TFTB: Rightfully so. Just don’t tell Werner Herzog.

Eric: I will always have a place in my 2009 movie-going heart for Bad Lieutenant.

TFTB: While I have you here, are you down to talk about the summer movie season?

Eric: Bring it.

Continued in… Part 2

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