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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

June 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Georgetown gonna Georgetown

Today started out just as an average Tuesday; a depressingly dreary June morning, an uneventful yet monotonous commute, and the air of the unspectacular that typically makes Tuesdays on the low, even worse than Mondays.

There was desperate need for something, anything, to shake off the doldrums. And then, something wonderful happened.  Read more…


When David Slew Goliath

March 21, 2010 Leave a comment

David Over Goliath

Please don’t tell me you actually followed my bracket. What were you thinking? What was I thinking? Well I can’t quite explain that, but I can tell you what we’ve learned.

There is nothing better than the first weekend of March Madness.

The opening round of the tournament featured ten games decided by 5 points or less and three go into overtime. St. Mary’s out of the WCC with a roster made up of mostly Australians took out #2-seed Villanova looking to make it back to the Final Four. There were buzzer beaters and great plays galore. None of that however, compared to Northern Iowa knocking of the overall top seeded Kansas Jayhawks in one of the most shocking upsets this side of Chaminade.

Wall-to-wall basketball where every possession matters only comes around once a year and reminds us all of why we watch. It’s everything College Football isn’t and while simultaneously botching that sport’s postseason, the NCAA tournament provides the single most exciting sporting event in our country.

That also ties into our next lesson… Read more…

It’s 11:45… and Georgetown still sucks!

March 11, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s that time again true believers, for Syracuse University to stamp out the abomination of Hoya Paranoia emanating from Georgetown.

Among the many things you will learn about on this blog, is my well-justified disdain for all things Georgetown. I used to refer to it as hatred, but more accurately, it is a love for all things good and pure in this universe. Georgetown University, and its puppet masters John Thompson both big and little, stand in sharp opposition to all those values.

It for that reason that Jim Boeheim has made it his mission to eradicate the blight of the Hoya at every opportunity. It is a charge that has been picked up by most responsible citizens of Syracuse University and I suspect today will be no different, saving the Big East Tournament from further ignominy.

One such reputable crusader is the always sage Hoya Suxa; and so I leave you with this…