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Basketball Heaven

March 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Expect a fuller March Madness article this weekend, but for those of you who still need to fill out your brackets the gospel is above. Besides, it’s St. Patty’s Day take what you can get.

I am deeply concerned about Onuaku’s injury for Syracuse and admittedly went with my heart over my head a little with that one, but make no mistake if the Orange are anywhere close to 100% they are the best team in the country (not Kansas).

Mini-Rant: It’s the popular opinion that Kansas is the best team in the country this year… it’s just not true. Granted I won’t sound objective because I’m an alum and die-hard fan but let’s look at facts. Kansas and Syracuse played four common opponents
(Memphis, Oakland, Cal and Cornell), three of whom made the tournament. Syracuse had the larger margin of victory in all four games, and in the case of Memphis and Cornell the differences were decisively in favor of the Orange.

Kansas gets credit for having the tougher non-conference schedule but that’s not Syracuse’s fault this year. They scheduled Cal who was ranked in the top 15 at the time, Memphis coming off of another 30-win season under Calipari and what turned into Kentucky’s recruiting class, and North Carolina coming off of a National Championship and a top 5 ranking (sorry Brandon). That’s in addition to Florida and Cornell who both made the tournament and they play in the Big East which is easily the deepest conference in the country, if not the best outright.

And should the two meet head-to-head as I (and many others) am predicting, while it holds no real bearing given how much both rosters have changed, Syracuse did beat Kansas last year in Kansas City. Bottom line, I’m going with Syracuse to win it all… deal with it.